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The Listing

Someday a comprehensive discography will be available, but Cisco, or actually Folkways (and some other guys as well....), repeatedly released the same material on innumerable LPs, making that job a royal pain. This list includes LPs by Cisco Houston or the anthologies of some note on which he appears. Click on the name for a detailed description and illustrations.

Cisco's LPs:

  1. Nursery Rhymes Sung and Played by Cisco Houston 1948 Cub Records
  2. Cowboy Ballads Folkways 1952
  3. 900 Miles and other Railroad Songs Folkways 1953
  4. Traditional Songs of the Old West Stinson 1954
  5. Hard Travelin' Folkways 1954
  6. Cisco Sings Folkways 1958
  7. Cisco Houston Songs of the Open Road Folkways 1960
  8. Cisco Houston Sings the Songs Of Woody Guthrie Vanguard 1961 (The only Cisco LP on CD as originally issued)
  9. The Legendary Cisco Houston Vanguard 1962
  10. The Cisco Special Vanguard 1961
  11. Passing Through Verve/Folkways 1965
  12. Nursery Rhymes, Games and Folksongs Scholastic 1963
  13. A Legacy Disc 1964
  14. The Legendary Cisco Houston: I Ain't Got No Home Vanguard 1967 (Re-issue of "The Legendary Cisco Houston")
  15. Cisco Houston Sings American Folksongs FT 1968 (Re-issue of "Cisco Sings")
  16. 2 French LPs Same stuff, different package
  17. 2 French 45s Described as "Cisco Houston", but actually old Woody stuff with Cisco accompanying

Cisco's Singles

  1. Rose, Rose I Love You 1951 45 Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra, Cisco Huston, Soloist, DECCA 9-27594
  2. They Call The Wind Maria 1951 45 & 78 Gil Huston And Victor Young and His Chorus And Orchestra
  3. River of Gold 1951 45 & 78 Gil Huston And Victor Young and His Chorus And Orchestra

The singles I will primarily document are those with Cisco as vocalist. I have read there are others, but these 3 are the only ones I have seen. Folkways/Stinson and the various flavors of these labels released many Woody/Cisco performances as 78s. I know about some of these, and will post what I know, but there are many I remain ignorant of. Feel free to help with the details! (Though I am not actually burning to know....)

Cisco Among Others

  1. Lonesome Valley 1951 Folkways Release with Pete, Butch, Lee and some others
  2. Songs To Grow On Volume II: School Days Folkways 1951
  3. Songs To Grow On Volume III: This Land Is My Land Folkways 1951
  4. On The Ranch
  5. Folk Songs Volume 1 With Woody Guthrie Stinson 1952
  6. Archive of Folk Music
  7. The Greatest Songs Of Woody Guthrie Re-released on CD in 1988, the opportunity to see whether Cisco is the finest Woody interpreter.
  8. The Folk Box Just one song, Zebra Dun.
  9. Folk Song and Minstrelsy Another anthology, but this time featuring Cisco heavily.
  10. 1960 Newport Volume 2 The Folk Festival Perfection
  11. Greatest Folksingers of the Sixties 1972 Vanguard
  12. Songs of the Civil War The only place to hear "Booth Shot Lincoln"
  13. Frontiers We don't have it, but we'd sure like to.
  14. Cowboy Songs A late 78 with 6 performances on 3 78s
  15. Folksong Festival Sampler A Scholastic EP from 1967. One performance.
  16. American Songs to Sing Another Scholastic EP, this one from 1976. One performance.
  17. Cowboys and Indians A 1965 LP from the American Record Society. Three tracks from Cisco, ten from Peter LaFarge.
  18. Odds & Ends A vaguely comprehensive listing of the innumerable LPs that recycled the same Cisco performances over and over and over and.....

Cisco Recorded by Others

  1. Badman's Blunder Recorded and released as a single by The Kingston Trio at the height of their popularity.
  2. A Dollar Down The Limeliters have a hit with a Cisco song.

"Re-issue" means the same material in the same order, though the number, cover, and name may be different.

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