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American Songs to Sing


American Songs to Sing


Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. Yankee Doodle: Robert Michael Jones And Richard Shulberg
  2. The Ballad of the Tea Party: Hermes Nye
  3. Ten Green Applesi: Alan Mills
  4. The Erie Canal: Robert Michael Jones And Richard Shulberg
  5. Goober Peas: John Cohen and The New Lost City Ramblers
American Songs to Sing Side 2:
  1. I've Been Workin' on the Railroad: Robert Michael Jones Ane Richard Shulberg
  2. Buffalo Gals: Pete Seeger
  3. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo: Cisco Houston
  4. The Mocking Bird: Adelaide Van Way
  5. This Land is Your Land: Woody Guthrie
American Songs to Sing

LP Notes

Cowboys in the 1880's enjoyed singing this song. It describes a cattle drive beginning in Texas. There, the "dogies" (originally "motherless calves" but later an affectionate term for any calf) would be "cut out" (divided into groups), and marked for identification. The drive would then take them to grazing land in Wyoming, and later to Idaho to be sold. "Cholla" and "prickly pear" are kinds of cactus. Sung by Cisco Houston (This Land Is My Land FC 7027 used by permission of Folkways Records)


Scholastic uses the Folkways method of recycling the same few Cisco performances on innumerable compilation LPs. And is pretty stingy with just a couple of minutes worth of material per side. From 1976! Wow, Judy Wathen, you had a long memory. I have taken this image, and these notes, from a wonderful site dedicated to vinyl:

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