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Cowboy Songs

DISC 608 3 10" Records


Cowboy Songs 78

Track Listing:

  1. Blue Yodel #2
  2. Drunken Rat
  3. Roving Gambler
  4. Philadelphia Lawyer
  5. Tying A Knot in the Devil's Tail
  6. Oh Willy My Darling
Cowboy Songs 78 Inside the 78


See Woody's notes from the sleeve Here.

Yep, it is spelled Huston all the way through. This previously unseen item recently appeared on e-Bay, but went past my price. So if these are the same versions I do not know. And though I'm betting we have "Blue Yodel #2" and "Oh Willy My Darling" somewhere in here, I'm unsure which ones they may be. Help me if you can!

Note the endless repackaging and recycling. Notes on the inside, notes on the back, different colors.....

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