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A Couple a Ol' Guys and a Youngster

This web site represents the work of three people:

Bill Adams
I was born in l944, and I used to be a newspaper reporter and editor, until becoming a domestic violence counseling social worker in 1984. I have a journalism degree from Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ earned in l966. I have lived in Jersey, in Hawaii, in Oklahoma and New Mexico. I like just about all kinds of music, but especially folk. I have a wife, three kids and a spoiled Golden Retriever named Woody Guthrie Adams. I wrote a play about the family and friends of Emily Dickinson who edited and published her poetry after her death, making her famous. I also have a special interest in Mark Twain.
I am a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon. See all my ramblings Here. For some stuff not available through Amazon, see: Here.
Jim Clark
I have done the majority of the labor of building and asembling the site. Technical questions and initial content questions can come to me. Happily married for many years to a delightful woman who has many great qualities, but finds Cisco not all that wonderful. Ah well, no one is perfect! I was born in 1955, started listening to Folk Song and Minstrelsy while a musically illiterate kid. See: Here for more details. Since it is my web site, I can put what I want where, and have. Here's some more music stuff: Jim & Jean, Sabotabby and Diana Miller to start.
I also have amassed a "collection" of quotes. Here's a nice page on Happiness: Click
Reach me at: jiminhilo with a Gmil address.
Mark Eastman
The scholar of the group, Mark's biography of Cisco is the one-stop place to learn what we know.

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