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A Dollar Down: The Limeliters

45 RPM: RCA 47-7859


A Dollar Down

The first single by the Limeliters. Here's what we know from

Producer Neely Plumb was a big band veteran who had played with Artie Shaw and Ray Noble. Although he tried to get airplay by drawing on the New York song mill, the Limeliters' biggest hit came with a folk song, Cisco Houston's "A Dollar Down." It was their first RCA single, and reached No. 60. The flip side was a German song, "When Twice the Moon Has Come and Gone" with English lyrics by Buddy Bernier, composer of "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes."

I wrote to the Limeliters site webmaster asking if he knew whether the atttribution was legit, or whether they too were trying to help a sick friend. I thought maybe Woody really wrote it, and read this:

But this would appear to close the case:
A Dollar Down Sheet Music   A Dollar Down Sheet Music   A Dollar Down Sheet Music

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