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Archive of Folk Music

FM-205 (mono)
FS-205 "electronically stereotized"

Release date unstated but most likely late 1960's

Track Listing:

Side 1:
  1. Take a Whiff on Me
  2. Bad Lee Brown
  3. The Golden Vanity
  4. Cumberland Gap
  5. Sourwood Mountain
  6. Old Time Religion
Archive of Folk Music Side 2:
  1. Columbus Stockade
  2. Johnny Hard
  3. Foggy Mountain Top
  4. Buy Me Beneath the Willow (sic)
  5. Skip to My Lou
  6. Ezekill Saw Wheel (sic and double-sic)

To see the extensive and arrogant notes on the LP, see Here.


Without a doubt, a budget project. They can't even spell right. Quite likely these are the same recordings used for the last 6 songs on the fraud CD. Many of these recordings, the public domain recordings of Woody with Cisco accompanying him, are found on some of the numerous Woody Guthrie budget albums. Skip it.

However, I have to say I have not actually heard most of these, so, if you know otherwise, let me know.

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