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Traditional Songs of the Old West (With Bill Bender)

SLP 37


Track Listing:

Side 1
  1. Joe Bowers
  2. Outlaw Horse (Recorded elsewhere as "Strawberry Roan")
  3. Billy The Kid
  4. Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail
Side 2
  1. Bald-Faced Steer
  2. Drunken Rat
  3. Windy Bill
  4. Trail To Mexico
Traditional Songs Label Traditional Songs Label


Jim Clark

Mr. Bender is certainly not a major figure from this era, but he has a clean and pleasant voice and plays guitar well. His contributions are all tidily done. Cisco's performances are among the best of his early work. However, the only LP I have heard has more noise than sound, so evaluating (or sharing) these is a challenge. The "Strawberry Roan" and "Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail" are the same versions that appear elsewhere; the "Drunken Rat" is slightly different, and equally charming. Overall, a brief LP with some great stuff. Wish I could hear a better transfer.

LP Notes

To see the complete notes from the back of the "Traditional Songs of the Old West" LP, click here.

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