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Saturday Night/True Love On My Mind: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston


Appears on:
Saturday night and Sunday, too
True love on my mind
Monday mornin' early and soon
And the boss man's got me gwine

Redbird sittin' on a sycamore limb
Singin' out his soul
And a big black snake crawled up that tree
And swallowed that poor boy whole

Bluejay pulled a four horse plow
Sparrow why can't you?
Because my legs is little and long
And they might get broke in two

Wild geese flyin' through the air
Through the sky of blue
They're now a-floatin' where the south-wind blows
So why not me and you? 


Of note:

Boy, a touching performance of what is probably an old slave song. Cisco just sounds great!

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