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Roving Gambler: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston


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I am a roving gambler 
And I gamble down in town
And whenever I meet with the deck of cards
I lay my money down, boys,
I lay my money down

Well I gambled up in Washington
I have gambled up in Maine
I'm on my way to Georgia 
To knock down my last game
To knock down my last game

Well, I had not been in Washington
Many more weeks than three
When I fell in love with a pretty little girl
She fell in love with me
And she fell in love with me

She took me in her parlor
And she cooled me with her fan
She whispered low in mama's ear 
"I love this gambling man, Ma, 
I love this gambling man"

"Oh daughter my dear daughter 
How can you treat me so
And leave your dear old mama 
And with this gambler go
And with this gambler go?"

She said "Mother my dear mother 
you know I love you well
But the love I hold for the gambling man
no human tongue can tell, Ma
No human tongue can tell"

"Well, I wouldn't marry a farmer 
He's always in the rain
I'd rather marry a gambling man 
with a big old watch and chain, Ma
with a big old watch and chain"

"And I wouldn't marry a railroad man
And the reason I'll tell you why
I never did see a railroad man
who wouldn't tell his wife a lie, Ma
wouldn't tell his wife a lie"

Well I hear a train a coming,
She's a coming round the curve
Whistlin' and a blowin' and
A strainin' every nerve
And strainin' every nerve

So it's good-bye good-bye mama,
I'll tell you if I can
If you ever see me coming home again
It'll be with the gambling man, Ma
It'll be with the gambling man

Of note:

A tentative and almost sorrowful Cisco records what will be, in one form or another, a near theme song.

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