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Gypsy Davy: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Woody Guthrie

Appears on:
It was late last night when the boss come home
Askin' about his lady
And the only answer he received
She's gone with the gypsy Davy
   she's gone with the gypsy Dave

Go saddle for me my buckskin horse
and my hundred dollar saddle
point out to me their wagon tracks
and after them I'll travel
   well after them I'll ride

Well, he had not rode to the midnight moon
when he saw the campfire gleaming
he heard the notes of the big guitar
and the voice of the gypsy singin'
   that song of the gypsy Dave

Take off take off your kid-skin gloves
and your boots of Spanish leather
and give to me your lily-white hand
We'll go back home together
   We'll ride home again

No, I won't take off my kid-skin gloves
Nor my boots of Spanish leather
I'll go my way from day to day
And sing with the gypsy Davy
   I'll go with the gypsy Dave

Have you forsaken your house and home
Have you forsaken your baby
Have you forsaken your husband dear
To go to the gypsy Davy
   and sing with the gypsy Dave

Yes, I've forsaken my house and home
To go with the gypsy Davy
And I've forskaen my husband dear
But not my blue-eyed baby
   my pretty little blue-eyed babe

Of note:

Sounds to me as if Woody saw himself in this lyric, seducing and capturing women with his song. And that final has she NOT forsaken her child? Merely by saying so?

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