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Blow The Candle Out: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston


Appears on:
When I was apprenticed in London
I went to see my dear
And he candles were all burning
And the moon shone bright and clear
I rapped upon her window
to ease her of her pain
She rose to let me in
and then she barred the door again

I like your well behaviour
And this thus I often say
And I cannot rest contented
While you are gone away
Tthe roads they are so muddy
We cannot gang about
So roll me in your arms, love
And blow the candles out

Your father and my mother
In yonder room doth lie
They're a-huggin' one another
So why not you and I
They're a-huggin one another
Without a fear or doubt
Come roll me in your arms love
And blow the candles out

And if your prove succcessful, love
Please name him after me
Hug him neat and kiss him sweet
And dap him on your knee
And when my three years are ended
My time it will be out
And I will double my indebted love
By blowin' the candles out

Of note:

Another oldie performed admirably, and thankfully without any phony accent. Though to my ear, Cisco sounds far better -- more assured and relaxed -- on American traditional music.

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