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Way Out There: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Words and Music: Bob Nolan

Appears on:
There's a spot I know
Where no man will go
Where the shadows have all the room
I was riding free
On that old S.P.
Humming a Southern tune
When a man come along
And made me hush my song
Kicked me off a way out there


Then threw down my load
In the desert road
And I rested my weary legs too
I watched the sinking sun
Make the tall shadows run
Across those barren plains
Then I hummed a tune
Up to the rising moon
He gets lonesome way out there


Then I closed my eyes
To the starlit skies
I lost myself in dreams
I dreamed the desert sand
Was a milk and honey land
Then I woke up with a start
There's a train coming back
That one way track
Gonna take me away from here


As she passed me by
I caught her on the fly
I climbed in an open door
Then I looked around
to that desert ground
Saw the spot I would see no more
As I was riding away
I heard the pale moon say
"Farewell pal it sure gets lonesome here"


Of note:

The first composition by the composer of "Cool Water" and "Tumbling Tumbleweeds", (Bob Nolan) a pure Western song of the remote and chilly desert. I too was once thrown off a train I should not have been on, but my experience was not lonely but rather frightening.

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