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So Long, It's Been Good: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Woody Guthrie

Appears on:
I've sung this song,
   but I'll sing it again
'Bout that place that I lived
   on that wild windy plain
In a month called April,
   a county called Gray
And here's what all of the people there say:

   So long, it's been good to know ya;
   So long, it's been good to know ya;
   So long, it's been good to know ya.
   But this dusty old dust is a-gettin' my home
   And I gotta be driftin' along.

The dust storm came,
   it hit like thunder
It dusted us over,
   it dusted us under;
It blocked out the traffic
   it blocked out the sun,
And straight for home all the people did run


The sweethearts they sat in the dark
   and they sparked,
They hugged and they kissed
   in that dusty old dark;
They cried and they sighed
   and they hugged and they kissed
But instead of marriage,
   they were talkin' like this:


My telephone rang
   and it jumped off the wall,
That was the preacher
   a-makin' his call.
He said, "Kind friends,
   this may the end
You've got your last chance
   for salvation from sin!"

The church it was jammed
   and the church it was packed,
The dusty old dust
   it blowed so black
The preacher could not read
   a word of his text,
So he folded his specs,
   he took up collection,


Of note:

One of Woody's most famous compositions, though for the life of me, I don't know why, we here get something not released on other CDs or ever on LP. Thanks Vanguard; wish you'd done this a bit more!.

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