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Roamer: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston


Appears on: Roamer: Lyrics as performed by Cisco Houston
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Way out on a windswept desert
Where nature favors no man
A buffalo found his brother
At rest on the sunbaked sand
Now the buffalo said to his brother
"What sickness got you this way?"
But his brother never said
For his brother was dead
Been dead since a-way last May

Way out on a windswept desert
I heard a big Indian moan
And I left my tent
For I knew what it meant
And swore I'd never more roam
It was early in the morning
When I stopped running
My legs were tired and sore
I'd lost 50 pounds on the hot desert ground
And I'd lose that many more

Of note:

This song comes in at 45 seconds, short even for these LPs with songs under two minutes. But meaning is as evasive at 45 seconds as it would be at 45 minutes. That's as trange tale they tell, at least to this greenhorn. And how they relate to the railroad......

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