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Ranger's Command: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Woody Guthrie

Appears on:
Come all of you cowboys
   all over this land
I'll teach you the law
   of the ranger's command

To hold a six-shooter
   and never to run
As long as there's bullets
   in both of your guns

I met a fair maiden
   whose name I don't know
I asked her to the round-up
   with me would she go

She said she'd go with me
   to the cold round-up
And drink that hard liquor
   from that cold bitter cup

We started for the canyon
   in the fall of the year
Expecting to get there
   with a herd of fat steer

When the rustlers broke on us
   in the dead hours of night
She rose from her warm bed
   a battle to fight

She rose from her warm bed
   with a gun in each hand
Saying, "Come all you cowboys,
   and fight for your land."

Well, come all of you cowboys,
   and don't ever run
As long as there's bullets
   in both of your guns.

Of note:

Well, he sings it nicely.....

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