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The Rambler: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Riley Puckett

Appears on:
Come and gather all around me
Listen to my tale of woe
Got some good advice to give you
Lotta things you oughta know
Take a tip from one who's travelled
And never stopped a-ramblin' round
'Cause once you get the roamin' fever
Why you never want to settle down
You never want to settle down

I met a little gal in Frisco
And I asked her to be my wife
I told her I was tired of roamin'
Goin' to settle down for life
Then I heard the whistle blowin'
And I knew it was the Red Ball Train
And I left that gal beside the railroad
And I never saw that gal again
I never saw that gal again

Well I travelled all over the country
I travelled everywhere
I been on every branch line railroad
And I never paid a nickel fare
I been from Maine to Califor'ny
And from Canada to Mexico
And I never tried to save no money
And now I got no place to go
And now I got no place to go

Listen to a boomer's story
Pay attention to what I say
Well, I hear another train a-comin'
And I guess I'll be on my way
If you want to do me a favor
When I lay me down and die
Just dig my grave beside the railroad
So I can hear the trains go by
So I can hear the trains go by

Of note:

I really like this song, a tale of regret but no remorse. The boomer knows he's made some mistakes and some foolish decisions, and is old, broke, and at the mercy of his transitory friends, yet somehow does not want to stop rambling.

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