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Night Herding Song: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston


Appears on:
Oh, slow up, dogies, quit roamin' around,
You have wandered and trampled all over the ground
Oh, graze along, dogies, and feed kinda slow
And don't forever be on the go
Oh, move slow, dogies, move slow...
Hi yoo, Hi yoo, Hi yoo

I've circle-herded and night-herded too,
But to keep you together that's what I can't do
My horse is leg-weary and I'm kinda tired,
But if you get away, I'm sure to get fired,
Bunch up, little dogies, bunch up...
Hi yoo, Hi yoo, Hi yoo

Lay still, little dogies, now that you have laid down
Stretch away out on that big open ground
Snore loud, little dogies and drown the wild sound
That will all go away when the day rolls around
Lay still, little dogies, lay still...
Hi yoo, Hi yoo, Hi yoo

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