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Great July Jones: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Words and Music by Lewis Allen and Gil Houston

Appears on:
He came to town and he looked around,
   and he said, "This is for me."
He had a pack on his big strong back,
   he was tall as a redwood tree.
Well the girls passed by and he winked his eye;
   he said, "I'm July Jones,
I'm the man for you, I'm six foot two,
   all muscle, meat and bones."

Cho: Great July Jones, Well Great July Jones.
     He's got a way they can't resist,
     He kisses the girls and they stay kissed.
     Great July Jones.

Well he took his pack from his great strong back,
   and he said "You lucky girls.
I'm here to stay for a year and a day,
   and I won't be shooting squirrels.
So step up now for a howdy-how,
   get favors while you can,
It's dynamite when I hug you tight,
   'cause I'm a natural man.


Well, he grabbed a girl with a left hand twirl,
   she looked so mighty cute.
But she had fight and used her right
   and floored him with a beaut.
Now you can't do that to six foot two,
   you're only five foot one,
He jumped a mile but she said with a smile,
   "You're a boasting son of a gun."


She stepped right up like a demitasse cup,
   and he looked into her eyes,
His heart went bang and her own heart sang,
   they stood there in surprise,
Well he scratched his head and he smiled and said,
   "Now you're the champ I guess.
And if you're free will you marry me?",
   and five foot one said, "Yes."

   Great July Jones!

Of note:

Cisco the songwriter shows us what he was capable of, making us wish he had done more. A delightful lyric, clever and punchy and snappy, with good similes all over, e.g., "She stepped right up like a demitasse cup." A sort of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" lyric with a girl that can handle the boastful swagger with a bit more than just words.

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