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Diamond Joe: Lyrics

As performed by Cisco Houston

Unknown, music adapted from The State of Arkansas

Appears on:
There is a man you'll hear about
Most every place you go,
And his holdings are in Texas
And his name is Diamond Joe.
And he carries all his money
In his diamond-studded jaw.
And he never was much bothered
By the process of the law.

Well, I hired to Diamond Joe, boys,
I did offer him my hand,
And he gave me a string of horses
So old they could not stand.
Well I liked to die of hunger
'Cause he did mistreat me so,
And I never earned one dollar
In the pay of Diamond Joe.

Well his bread it was corn dodger
And his meat I could not chaw,
And he drove me near distracted
With that waggin' of his jaw.
While he tellin' of his story,
And I mean to let you know,
That there never was a rounder
That lied like Diamond Joe.

Well, I tried three times to quit him,
Boys, but he did argue so
That I still am punchin' cattle
In the pay of Diamond Joe.
And when I'm called to heaven
Last thing before I go,
Give my blankets to my buddies
And give the fleas to Diamond Joe.

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