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VRS 9089


Sing Out ad for Cisco Sings Woody

The ad from page 64 of the Oct-Nov 1961 Sing Out!

He sings Woody's songs with the same soft lilt and lovely musical quality he was know for back in the forties. It is truly said of him, 'As you listen to this record, I think you will get the feeling that Cisco Houston is visiting with you in your home, singing for you, about as he would if he had walked in, in person.' This disc is a 'must.'

Henrietta Yurchenko, American Record Guide

Cisco made few records in recent years -- our loss, and now irreparable -- but in my opinion his true mellow baritone rang with all the vigor of American Life ... Vanguard here presents, in superb reproduction, the ballads of a great folk poet sung by an outstanding singer.

O.B. Brummell, High Fidelity

A close listening to theese Guthrie works, as beautifully interpreted by his longtime friend and travelling companion, will indicate why Guthrie is so highly revered.

Robert Shelton, New York Times

The Vanguard tribute release seems to me to be the finest single-disc introduction to the remarkably vital and human songs of Guthrie.

Peter Welding, HiFi Stereo

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