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The Cradle Will Rock: Cast List

Cisco on Broadway, Briefly

Moll:Estelle Loring
Gent/Bugs:Edward S. Bryce
Dick:Jesse White
Cop:Taggart Casey
Reverend Salvation:Harold Patrick
Editor Daily:Brooks Dunbar
Yasha:Jack Albertson
Dauber:Chandler Cowles
President Prexy:Howard Blaine
Professor Trixie:Leslie Litomy
Professor Mamie:Edmund Hewitt
Professor Scoot:Ray Fry
Doctor Specialist:Robert Pierson
Harry Druggist:David Thomas
Mr. Mister:Will Geer
Mrs. Mister:Vivian Vance
Junior Mister:Dennis King, Jr.
Sister Mister:Jo Hurt
Steve:Stephen West Downer
Sadie Polock:Marie Leidal
Gus Pollock:Walter Scheff
Larry Foreman:Alfred Drake
Ella Hammer:Muriel Smith
Attendant's Voice:Hazel Shermet
First Reporter:Rex Coston
Second Reporter:Gil Houston
Clerk:Leonard Bernstein
Clerk:Howard Shanet
Chorus:Lucretia Anderson
Chorus:Robert Burr
Chorus:John Fleming
Chorus:Michael Pollock
Chorus:Germaine Poulin
Chorus:Napoleon Reed
Chorus:Gwen Ward

"The Cradle Will Rock" is a famous 1938 Theatre Guild musical by Marc Blitzstein about labor organizing. It was performed for a mere 34 performances though. A film version about the controversial creation of the show was released in the late 1990's with an all-star cast and some of the original songs. Note the many famous names in an early point in their career, with Cisco listed as Gil.

The Internet Theater Database lists this as Cisco's only Broadway appearance.

For a plot synopsis, see Musical Heaven.

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