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Diana Miller

A Few Facts via the BBC


Diana Miller, the scintillating "Strawberry Blonde" with the luminous brown orbs, is one of the most "atomic" enchantresses ever to hit the entertainment world. This volcanic lovely, with the sang-froid air and "hubba hubba" gowns will slay you with her repertoire of songs from Rachmaninoff to Re-Bob.

Diana first saw the light of day some twenty-odd years ago in a London suburb. the only child of non-professional but musical well-to-do parents, she showed an early tendency towards music and could sing and talk before she could walk. Her mother encouraged her in all her musical inclinations, and the age of three and a half found Diana attending the swanky Maude Wells Academy of Dancing. Not long after this, she began in kindergarten.

When she was seven, Diana won the All England Championship Medal for tap-dancing. She repeated this feat at the age of nine and again two years later when she was eleven years old. At twelve, she attended high school, following her father's intention that she should pursue a barrister's career via this school and Cambridge University, but all hope was discarded when Diana left school prematurely, having got the urge of the stage in her blood.

Quite unaided, and only through sheer grit and determination, after three years of heartbreak and near starvation, chirping with third rate night club outfits and touring the English "sticks" in put-up shows and one night stands, she finally managed to make her beach head via a popular dance band leader who engaged her as his featured vocalist.

The rest has been comparatively easy. Diana Miller has been guest star with all the leading orchestras in England including: Jack Hylton, Harry Roy, Jack Harris, Geraldo etc. She has been the singing sensation of innumerable revues and wowed Mayfair by compering a one and half hour floor show in one of London's snappiest night spots for six months solid!! Was one of the first television artistes, televising her ow programme each week. Is shortly celebrating her twelfth year of broadcasting, including American, Empire and I.B.C. airings. Has recorded for Parlophone, Columbia, Decca, H.M.V. Has been featured in three films.

In 1939, she went to Denmark, accompanied by her pianist, to appear at the famous National Scala, Copenhagen, and flabbergasted the Danes, and incidentally made many friends. From there, she went on to Oslo and the Norwegians went down for the count too. owing to her being prolonged at the Establishment Regnbuen, she was still there when the Germans walked in, April 1940. Her pianist was taken but Diana managed to escape to Sweden where she was "frozen in" all during the war, and through her recordings, broadcasts and concerts, became the rage of that country.

After the war, she returned to Denmark with the intention of saying goodbye to all her friends before leaving for England for good but on her return to London, found things so different, and convinced she could never get accustomed to the changed methods of living, made post-haste back to Copenhagen, which she has now made her home.

Her broadcasts now include British and American Forces Network, relayed from Copenhagen, besides her own regular programmes over the Danish radio. interpretation a la Miller is something delightfully distingue. Relax and enjoy the delicious Diana!

HOBBIES: Riding, reading good literature. Is an excellent painter. When not working on ideas for her new songs and numbers, likes to study psychology. Is also very interested in psychical subjects. She has written many songs. Is a passtionate bird and animal lover and abhors hunting of any kind. Is a late riser but can stay up all night if necessary. Has no racial hate and avoids all political discussions but thinks the world would be a better place if psychology and more languages were included in school education. Possesses terrific sense of humor which oozes from her, both on the stage and in private life.

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